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Clean Up Your Facebook Timeline
Use Socially Clean to find questionable content on your Facebook profile. Quickly delete what you choose to.
What We Scan For

SociallyClean scans for uses of profanity/explicit language, drug & party references and other negative words & phrases that employers, parents, spouses, etc. could use to judge your character

How We Do It

When you authorize us access to your Facebook page we perform a scan of your entire posting history. We never have access to your password, messages, or financial information

Socially Clean

After viewing your results choose to either keep or delete the item. Do this until your Profile Cleanliness reaches 100%. Nothing is deleted from your Facebook profile without your approval


SociallyClean Profiles and counting!

The Most Sophisticated Social Cleaning App In The World
Unmatched Capabilities
Search Friends

Advanced Cleaning!

Search Your Friend’s Page

Take things a step further. Enter a friend’s name into our filter and search their page for potentially negative posts you may have made. Friends with an ex? Search his/her page and delete what you want.

Narrow Results by Keyword

Clean Words You Specify

Narrow Results by Specific Keywords

Want to delete all instances of a specific word? Search by that keyword and delete only those posts. Feeling fancy? Delete by keywords on a specific friend’s page. (Hint: “love” on an ex’s Page is always a good one)

And Much, Much More!

Try it to find out!

And Much, Much More…

Come look at our additional functionalities. Run a test on your profile and see what it would take to become 100% Socially Clean. Remember, we delete NOTHING unless you choose to do so.


Analyze Your Facebook Now! Worry Free, No Private Information Shared!